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Working among the ranks of the leading search engine optimization and branding agencies in the world, Freestone SEO in Jackson Hole Wyoming is unique.  
We begin with your vision.  You know, your big one.  Your swing for the bleachers.  You know what it is.
Whether that means expanding your own small business off the Jackson Town Square, enough to work from home and cook dinner with your family every night, or enough to go toe to toe with giants of your industry worldwide...
We'll break things down, and utilizing safe, proprietary strategies, knowledge and tools unavailable to 90% of SEO agencies, 
systematically, stone by stone, we'll help you build the foundation that will take you there.

How Does My Business Attract Online More Customers when I'm Wyoming, not Silicon Valley?

Geography is relatively unimportant. Once you have decided to grow your Wyoming business, and you have a target goal in mind, we'll build and implement a strategy for you that has consistently bested large agencies around the world.  How?  We'll show you.

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Our services systematically help drive more customers to your website, products and services than any other online marketing strategies.  We'll show you how.

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We stay close with our clients by sending monthly updates about website rankings and changes and updates in the industry that may affect their business, both online and off.  We keep our ear to the track so our clients can focus on running their businesses and moving toward their goals.

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We keep our hands dirty with work kept in house.  We don't outsource, engage in black hat tactics or cut any corners.  We're proud to say that we're talented enough that we don't have to.

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Not only do we work to paper the front page of the Google Search results with your business, we also work with you to create highly converting websites that prime new customers for sales.

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Not only do we bring cutting edge ingenuity to the table, we also belong to an inner circle of the world's best SEOs.  We discuss changes in algorithms, strategy, what's working, and what to avoid.  We are leading the industry to benefit you and your company.

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Our contracts are by the month.  If at any time you're not completely happy with the progress you're paying for, we'll unravel things and go our separate ways as friends.  

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Jackson Hole.  The Valley of Character

Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  The cradle of American Equality.  
This rugged remote corner of the world formed remarkable character.  People drawn to the wild to ranch and be free and live life close to the edge of possibility, and to many, beyond the edge of reason.  It was the birthplace of equality.  A distinction that infused itself into the age and oak of people, remaining even still as a mystique present but intangible to visitors.  Here, the mountains are reflected in the people, and vice versa.  This as the foundation of place gave rise to opportunity and, ultimately, to the very thing that would threaten it's mystique.  The promise of it's constancy loomed from 13776 feet of granite that forms the Grand Teton, and it's range rising above Grand Teton National Park . 

Jackson Hole was named by trappers and early travelers to the valley.  The word "hole" referring to the valley surrounded entirely by mountains, 22 miles across and 40 miles long, and Jackson given to it for it's namesake, trapper and explorer Davey Jackson.

Long before the trappers arrived in Jackson Hole, Native American tribes spent summer months hunting in the valley.  Earliest inhabitants were the Sheepeaters, followed by Shoshoni, Blackfoot, Crow, Bannock and Gros Ventre tribes taking advantage of the wildlife and protection of the valley.   In 1806, during the return from the famous Lewis and Clark expedition, one of the members, John Colter, left the party to further explore the mountains and to scout for an east coast fur trading company.  Traveling into what was then Crow territory, he likely encountered Jackson Hole during the winter of 1807-08. 

The valley was settled by cattle ranchers in the 1890s

Highest Vertical Rise.  North America's steepest ski mountain rises out of downtown Jackson, is the area's after school program. 

Snow King Mountain.  The first ski area in Wyoming, boasting the first chairlift west of the Mississippi built in 1939, she is the mother resting at the foot of her town, and the test for those who live there.  In summertime, there are charity competitions for number of times it can be climbed.  In winter, three local chairlifts carry the hardiest skiers and snowboarders to face the "highest vertical rise per horizontal feet" (steepest) ski mountain in North America.  

For Skiing in Jackson Hole, The Crown Jewel is Rendezvous Mountain

Rising 4,139 feet from the Valley Floor is one of the most difficult and awe inspiring mountains in North America.  In 1960 Barry Corbett and Paul McCollister skied from the summit of Rendezvous Mountain.  As they hiked up, Barry squinted and looked up into an impossibly steep couloir near the summit and stated in fact and amazement, "Someday someone will ski that."  The run would later become known as the famous Corbett's Couloir, first skied by a ski patrolman by the name of Lonnie Ball.  Now legendary, the run is a destination for extreme skiers.  It was documented by filmmakers Peter Pilafian, Leslie Goodyear and Troy Beauchamp for the Barry Corbett Film Festival, a piece that went on to win People's Choice awards and travel with the Telluride Mountain Film Festival.

Rendezvous mountain has the largest vertical rise served by one lift system in the United states.  It's huge.  Although now served by luxury resort hotels, the raw crags and steep terrain of this incredible mountain will never truly be accessible to the merely overly well heeled.  Those who seek true expertise and grit will thrive on this mountain.  The rest will enjoy it's vista with a fire and champagne.

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