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Freestone SEO Search Engine Marketing is a leading  internet and digital marketing firm that was built on a foundation to over-deliver for their clients.

A local to global search engine marketing agency, Freestone works from the understanding that businesses and organizations must have a strong vision, a strategy, and proven tools to flourish in modern, savvy markets. They first need to know exactly where they stand in the digital arena among their competitors, decide where they intend to be, then systematically place their business where customers are looking. Simple as that. We specialize in world-class, first-page search engine ranking, driving traffic to your websites, client sales conversion and the emerging importance of social media marketing.  We have established a uniquely specialized team of SEO authorities, social media marketing experts and internet conversion specialists to deliver a full impact digital marketing plan for your company. Through the advanced establishment of knowledge and proprietary search marketing methods, we have found consistent success where other seo agencies fall short. Freestone SEO functions by producing best in class digital advertising implementation based on transparency with our customers and delivering results. Our company excels at providing substantial value for all of our clients, has a proven track record of page one and number one rankings, and pledges to produce top-level professional services backed by real results.

We understand that as a business, you want more online presence because savvy companies with vision recognize that this is the business world we live in today. We can show you the incredible returns that will result from this, when done systematically and safely, and strike a plan to get you there. 

We work with businesses who are already established and excel in their industry with the products & services they provide, but just need that extra push when it comes to getting traffic through the door.

Search Engine Optimization


Our SEO process begins with a detailed and comprehensive analysis of your website, the top competitors in your industry, and a thorough explanation of how we can help you.


After you receive your detailed video analysis explaining where you stand, we will construct an individualized plan of action to rank your website for key search terms related to your business.


Once we work together to determine what you would like to rank for, and how to best generate the most amount of traffic for your business, we will begin optimizing your on-page and off-page factors.


SEO does not happen overnight, it is like building muscle or training for a marathon. The magic happens in the consistency and quality of the work being done on a daily basis, but shortly after we begin you will start to see changes and improvements.

Social Media Expansion 


Freestone SEO offers world class social media. We can also construct a content plan for your social media to make sure you have industry relevant media to consistently deliver to your audience.


Unlike SEO, social media growth happens promptly, and happens quickly. Our state-of-the-art targeted methods will propel your social media profiles to new heights, and help drive traffic to your website.

Meet the Owner

Leslie Goodyear is a nationally recognized digital marketer and Search Engine Optimization expert specializing in local to global SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and digital marketing strategy, new business development and emerging social media marketing.

Her background includes work serving as an international advisor and strategist for equine, media and cultural arts business development and equine investments, including international business protocol development, strategic partnership development, personal and business advising, international equine export, marketing strategy, etc.   
Leslie also served as the Director of Marketing, Strategic Partnerships and Corporate Sponsorship for a biennial conference and conservations summit drawing 650+ international leaders in broadcasting, media, science and conservation to Jackson Hole. In alternating years, that organization hosted a 3-day symposium celebrating science media in collaboration. They partnered with TED to host initial TEDx Jackson Hole event in collaboration with the Festival. 
Additionally, she served the United Nations Forum on Forests Secretariat as an International Forest Film Festival
Curator, liaison and international distribution manager for an international film festival celebrating United Nations International Year of the Forest. This included in establishing strategic partnership exchange between countries aimed to implement established successful reforestation and conservation models.
As the founder of Freestone SEO, Leslie  has worked with many businesses, art and PR professionals,  and local small businesses helping to boost online presence, drive more traffic to their websites, and increase their bottom line.

Contact Info

(307) 200-3060
970 West Broadway #452
P.O. Box 522
Jackson, Wyoming 83001
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