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Realizing Your Vision

Freestone SEO is unique.  We begin with your vision. You know, your big one. Your swing for the bleachers. 
Then we go to work as one among the ranks of the leading search engine optimization,  and branding agencies in the world 
with that as our guide post.   
So, whether your vision means expanding your own small business enough to work from home and cook dinner with your family every night, or enough to go toe to toe with giants of your industry...  Whether a particular number or level of growth,
We'll break things down, and utilizing safe, proprietary strategies, knowledge and tools unavailable to 90% of SEO agencies, 
systematically, stone by stone, 
we'll help you build the foundation that will take you there.

Does Your Website Need More Customers?

Our proven strategy will help you dominate your competition
by taking over the first page of Google - where your customers can find you.

Become Familiar
Give your business the exposure it deserves in your market and beyond by dominating the rankings in Google.  We know how to make all digital roads lead to you

Your Partner
We are here to help you, so whether you have a question, a problem to resolve or are in need of an update, we will be happy to hear from you.  We are not a faceless organization.  You'll get to know our team!

Command the SERP
We aren't satisfied with only the top spot.  We know the growth our customers see when they take over the entire Search Engine Results Page of Google.

More customers
Our services systematically help drive more customers to your website, products and services than any other online marketing strategies.  We'll show you how.

Monthly Reports
We stay close with our clients by sending monthly updates about website rankings and changes and updates in the industry that may affect their business, both online and off.  We keep our ear to the track so our clients can focus on running their businesses and moving toward their goals.

Made in the Mountains
Our work kept in house where the quality is.  We don't outsource, engage in black hat tactics or cut any corners, and our strategies for your company are designed around keeping your website safe while we move it to the front page. 

Expand your earnings
Not only do we work to paper the front page of the Google Search results with your business, we also work with you to create highly converting websites that prime new customers for sales.

Ahead of the Curve
Not only do we bring cutting edge ingenuity to the table, we also belong to an inner circle of the world's best SEOs.  We discuss changes in algorithms, strategy, what's working, and what to avoid.  We are leading the industry to benefit you and your company.

No Obligations
Our contracts are by the month.  If at any time you're not completely happy with the progress you're paying for, we'll unravel things and go our separate ways as friends.  

Why SEO?
If we can help expand a California Dentist's revenue
by $96,000 per month
Imagine what we can do for your business.
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Send us your contact details and we’ll get started.  We promise we won't hand you off to sales specialists, share your information or call you incessantly.   We know what we can do for your company, but we're busy like you are! 
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Website Analysis

Your first step to dominating the search engine results is free! To have a quick look at where your website stands, click below. You never know what you may find. There's no obligation - a little information is a good thing! 
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(We're fun online, and you'll learn about things that will let you be smug with your friends and colleagues) 
...not to mention the horse pictures and vids of life in the Rockies ...yeah, we post those too.

What Makes Us Different 

There are more than 130 million websites.  
To search them, 91% of people rely on search engines.  83% of those worldwide use Google.  That amounts to 53,452 individual google searches per second.  Mind boggling, isn’t it?  It gets better.  94% of people searching will only click on results that appear on the first page of the search results, and of those, most click only on the top three of the organic (not paid) listings. 

The good news is that when someone searches something that is relevant to them and they see your website in their search results, they’re going to click and visit your page.  These are people who are looking for exactly what you offer.  They’re the ideal client.  But if your website isn’t showing up in the first three results, or if it isn’t even on the first page, it’s almost like it doesn’t exist. No one can even find it. 

This is why SEO services optimizing your website for search engines is so important. 

What determines whether your website shows up on the first page or the last?  That's where we come in.  It’s determined partly by particular keywords and search terms as you’d expect, but search engines like Google have taken it a bit further.  They’re looking out for the interest of the customer, wanting them to find sites that are relevant, valuable and trustworthy for them.  So they have engaged more than 200 algorithms that determine this value, taking into account things like social media activity, quality of content, and references to and from other solid websites.  Think of it like validation by association with the cool kids on the block.  We are students of Google and the experts who know the strategies and tools to orchestrate those introductions and endorsements.  
We also know that, at the end of the day, that association is only going got get the audience’s attention once or twice.  If your website doesn’t have the substance to deliver the goods once it's found, audiences will move on and take their value and patronage with them.  So we at Freestone SEO services also focus on good, solid content and user experience from the front end, so once you get their attention with the page one ranking, you'll keep them with solid and continuing experience, and turn them into customers by your substance and value to them. 

That's why Search Engine Optimization and strategy are so important.  It helps your website move to the top of organic relevant search results.  Since nearly everyone relies heavily on search engines to find anything online, SEO is the most effective way to increase traffic to your website, substantially boost your customer base, dramatically increase your ROI and skyrocket your goals. When considering an SEO company, keep your business safe.  Overly aggressive methods and questionable claims can do much more harm than good.  We spend a great deal of effort unraveling damage done by poor SEO, and explain that optimization strategy that will stand up over time is a process.

Freestone SEO Agency specializes National and local SEO.  We are successfully ranking national companies in cities throughout the Rocky Mountains and across the United States with best in class techniques and proven results.  Jackson Hole Wyoming Search Engine Optimization and Jackson Hole SEO Marketing are special to us, however, because that's where we're from and that's where we hang our hats.  

Allow us to help your business. 

▪ Increase your customer base. 
▪ Increase your exposure. 
▪ Expand your bottom line. 

Get your business to the front page where your customers can find you.  Contact Freestone SEO Services, or get started today by filling out our discovery form and let us learn a little bit about your business.  We'll perform a free website analysis for you with no obligation or hard sell.  

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