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Handy Google Statistics

  • 89% of consumers use search engines for purchase decisions
  • 4 out of 5 customers use a smartphone to shop
  • 90% of customers say buying decisions are influenced by online reviews
  • nearly half of the world's population will be conncted by mid 2017
  • Google controls 68% of all searches globally
  • Search Engine users click on organic results 94% of the time and paid ads only 6%
  • Nearly 120 Billion Google Searches Worldwide
  • The Number 1 Position in Google receives 33% of search traffic
  • 91.5 of all searchers never go past the first page of Google
  • 2,300,000 Google Searches per second
  • Google has 79% of the US Search market
  • 33% of searchers choose the #1 organic listing
  • 48.8% of brands are in Instagram  By mid 2017 this will rise to 71%
  • 90% of the top 100 global brands are on instagram

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Our Process

Our typical process with prospective clients really begins in ernest with the completion of our Discovery Application.  This form is is more in-depth by design, which seems to separate those who are serious from those who are simply curious.  We very much want to serve the curious as well, but perhaps with other programs.  

Once a prospective client fills out the Discovery Application, someone on our team calls to confirm that we have received it and visits with them about their goals.  We then build and deliver an in-depth SEO analysis of their website, including it's place in the market and usually the strongest keywords that will serve their end goal.   This changes from client to client and need to need, so we keep our cards close when explaining what we will be doing in these videos.  Our goal with them is to surprise and delight these potential clients, as well as to illustrate our authority and expert understanding of SEO.  One of our favorite parts of this process is revealing by the numbers the benefits a business will see from the increased traffic that number one Google rankings will create.    

This video is sent in the body of a larger outline and explanation of our services, which generally answers most of their questions. While it has happened that a client simply signs on directly from this video and outline (We include this option for them - this happens more often with bigger faster moving companies),  we generally follow up with a phone conversation that generally lasts between 30 minutes to an hour.  If the prospect wishes to become a client, they merely sign the agreement, we send them an intake form where the client can provide, in one place, EVERYTHING we need to engage their entire SEO campaign.  This is the one place where we are sticklers, because it allows for our process to move into gear without hesitations that can affect rankings, and it also serves as the first indication to our new clients that we're on top of things, and really do know what we're doing.  

One of the services we provide is setting up daily or weekly rankings reports.  This is a bit of a tricky choice because true, solid SEO, done well and safely, takes time.  Depending on the keywords we are pursuing, ranking could take 6 months (which is our minimum recommended time)  Clients can very understandably get antsy after 3-4 months, which is why we are diligent about explaining this from the beginning.  


Five Page Summary of SEO designed to give to clients.  
(We will be adding more tools like this shortly)
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